ALMA developments

Technical developments

EMERGE leads and participates in different technical projects for ALMA (see below).

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Archival research

In collaboration with ESO & the Dutch ARC-node Allegro, EMERGE is developing novel interactive tools to effectively query and analysis the ALMA archive (link).

Coming soon! the new ALquery tools

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Supercomputers & Massive Data Reduction

EMERGE is developing a new framework for massive data reduction in the ALMA era using supercomputers such as SURFsara/Spider (Amsterdam) (link).

Pilot project: This technique has been successfully applied on a the analysis of the first Survey of Orion disks with ALMA (SODA; van Terwisga, Hacar, & van Dishoeck in prep.).

Data combination

The recovery of extended emission is one of the most fundamental challenges for interferometric mapping. EMERGE leads the Quality Assessment team at the DC2019 working group ( for the exploration of state-of-the-art Data Combination techniques for interferometers such as ALMA.

See also: Hacar A., Tafalla M., Forbrich J., Alves J., Meingast S., Grossschedls J., & Teixeira P.S., 2018, A&A, 610, A77 (link)

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