Observing 872 proto-planetary disks with SODA: massive ALMA data processing using Supercomputers

As part of the Survey of Orion Disks with ALMA (SODA) project (van Terwisga, Hacar, van Dishoeck, Oonk, and Portegies Zwart, 2022), we investigate a total of 872 proto-planetary disks with ALMA in the Orion A cloud. As part of its contirbution, EMERGE is developing a new scheme for the reduction of massive ALMA datasets using supercomputers such as SURFsara. Contrary to previous linear methods, EMERGE creates a parallel data processing using the full capabilities of SURFsara, reducing the total reduction time by 2 orders of magnitude. Visit the SODA section to obtain all data products (FITS and PNG images) of this project.

SODA workflow. (a) Standard data reduction. (b) Parallel ALMA data reduction scheme implemented on the SPIDER platform that is part of SURFsara’s Data Processing facilities.

Mass distribution of the SODA disks in Orion in comparison with other surveys. Note how the large number of SODA targets (872 disks), the largest of its kind, allows a statistical characterization of the mass distribution with an unprecedented accuracy (van Terwisga, Hacar, et al 2022).

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