09/2021: ALminer online i-train (link)

06/2021: First Tools developed in EMERGE are ready! Use ALminer to query the ALMA Science Archive (link)

06/2021: Sümeyye Suri (Postdoc) & Francesca Bonanomi (PhD) are joining the EMERGE team. Welcome both!

04/2021: Andrea Socci is joining the EMERGE team as new PhD


02/2021: Two promising PhDs will join the Vienna team this year. We are looking forward to working together.

02/2021: Sümeyye Suri will join the EMERGE team as new postdoc. Welcome!

10/2020: EMERGE Postdoc position announced on AAS (link)

10/2020: EMERGE PhDs will join the Vienna International School of Earth and Space Science (VISESS) (link)

09/2020: First EMERGE positions (1 Postdoc + 1 PhD) announced in September 2020 (link)

09/2020: EMERGE kick-off!

08/2020: HI has changed to University of Vienna

09/2019: EMERGE has been awarded with an ERC-StG

Contact us:

Project: emerge.project [at]

PI: alvaro.hacar [at]